SJM-820SW (JEC) โทรโข่งแบบถือพูด 20 วัตต์

รหัสสินค้า : JEC-SJM-820SW


3,000.00 บาท

ราคารวม 3,000.00 บาท



SJM-820SW (JEC) โทรโข่งแบบถือพูด 20 วัตต์

Output 20W and outstanding design & durability

  • Appropriate for use in various sort of events including school events, sporting events, kindergarten events and so forth under 150 people.
  • Portable and useful anywhere under any circumstances for multi purposes.
  • Most economical, small and as light as 700g (without batteries).
  • Far reaching clear sound without feeling noisy near speakers
  • A premium shoulder strap is provided.
  • A clip mic. that lets the megaphone wearable on shoulders is provided.

Fashion Megaphone at Events

  • Optimal equipment for school events, cheering and various kinds of sports including soccer, rugby and baseball.
  • Perfect for beach, mountain and outdoor recreation.

Output 20W and outstanding design & durability

  • Reliable and requisite for emergency such as environmental disaster.
  • Optimal for regulating and guiding people under emergencies.
Power Max. 20W
Power Source DC 12V(battery AA 1.5V x 8PCS)
Dimensions 130Φx 200mm
Net Weight(without battery) 0.7Kg
City Area 300m(328yard)
Out Side of the City 900m(980yard)
Battery life(Voice) 8hours
Visitors: 410,648