DH5B-3Colors (SHURE) DuraPlex Omnidirectional Subminiature Headset Microphone

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DH5B An omnidirectional miniature headset microphone equipped with a TA4F connector for compatible Shure wireless bodypack transmitters (3 Colors)

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the DuraPlex DH5 wireless headset microphone offers a neutral, full sound that will lift your performance, speech, musical, or broadcast. Rely on the DH5 wireless headset microphone in the harshest environments, thanks to its long-lasting Shure Plex cable and a certified IP57 rating, which means you’re protected against water, sweat, moisture, dust, and dirt. Capture every moment with confidence.

Faatures :

  • Neutral, full-range sound quality for broadcast, speech, theater, and performance applications.
  • Silicone boom pivot system can be discreetly placed on either the left or right ear.
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.
  • 132 dB maximum SPL.
  • 5mm omnidirectional miniature design.
  • Advanced 1.6 mm Shure Plex cable with secondary shield for longevity.
  • Cable is immune to memory effect and kinks.
  • Cable is fully paintable with typical theater paints, pens, and polishes.
  • Presence cap included for additional vocal clarity and presence (3 to 4 dB boost near 10 kHz)
  • Includes a regular foam windscreen and a snap-fit windscreen that holds tightly in place.
  • Includes carrying case.
  • Black, with TA4F connector.

In the Box :

  • 1 Case
  • 1 Frequency Cap
  • 1 Foam Windscreen
  • 1 Snap-fit Windscreen
  • 1 Single Tie Clip
  • 1 TQG Locking Collar
  • 5 mm omnidirectional subminiature design for discrete placement and improved gain-before-feedback 
  • IP57 dust-resistant, waterproof rated 
  • Neutral, full sound quality for film, broadcast, speech, theater, and performance applications 
  • Advanced 1.6 mm Shure Plex cable: 
    • Dual redundant ground in cable serves as secondary shield for unprecedented longevity 
    • Immune to memory effect and kinks 
    • Fully paintable with typical theater paints, pens, and polishes 
  • Presence Cap included for tailored frequency response provides additional vocal clarity and presence (3-4 dB boost near 10 kHz) 
  • Available in three colors: Black, Cocoa, Tan 
  • Available in two connector types: TA4F (mTQG) and LEMO 
  • Kit includes the following accessories: Case, Foam Windscreen, Snap-fit Windscreen, Single Tie Clip, Sticky Mount, TQG Locking Collar (mTQG/TA4F SKUs only) 

With an easy-to-wear headset frame, DuraPlex DH5 features a neutral, full sound quality that lives up to the highest audio standards on any stage or broadcast studio. Also available as a lavalier, DuraPlex has been extensively tested to ensure an IP57 dust-resistant, waterproof rating*. The exclusive 1.6 mm Shure Plex cable with DuraPlex won’t kink, offers virtually zero “memory effect,” is fully paintable, and simply lasts longer due to a dual redundant ground, which doubles as a secondary shield.

In the theater, onstage, or on television, you can depend on the DuraPlex DH5 wireless headset microphone for consistent professional sound, durability, and longevity.

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