SPEAKER (SHURE) Stem Speaker, Stem Ecosystem

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Stem Speaker's innovative design gives you the option to mount the device on the ceiling, wall, or table for ultimate flexibility. With its powerful driver and built-in technology, Stem Speaker delivers an exceptional sound experience in any meeting room. As an ecosystem device, you can mix and match devices until your room is customized to meet your needs.

The brains of the operation

  • Acts as the central device when multiple units are in the room
  • Connects up to 10 audio enpoints per room
  • Ethernet (supports PoE+), Terminal Block, USB Type B, VoIP
  • Kensington lock equipped
  • Wall Mountable

When more than one audio device is used in a room, Stem Hub Express becomes the central communication center for a room by connecting multiple Stem products through the network. It comes with multiple connectivity options including USB Type B, SIP, and external analog speakers to give you the flexibility you need. 

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