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Optimized for tabletops and flat surfaces, Stem Table is a high-quality conferencing speakerphone that turns any environment into a professional conference room. Equipped with nine microphones that perform real beamforming plus an innovative downward-facing speaker for amplified performance, Table takes the quality of your meetings to the next level.

The conference room speakerphone reinvented

  • 9 beamforming microphones circle the perimeter
  • Microphone and speaker separation via downward-facing driver
  • Controls on the device include: Volume Up, Down, and Mute
  • 10' optimal coverage
  • Stem’s deep learning in neural networks improve echo-canceling, de-reverb, and noise cancellation algorithms

Stem Table is a low-profile speakerphone designed to sit on a any flat surface in any meeting room. With it's nine built-in beamforming microphones plus a downward facing speaker, Table allows everyone in your meeting to hear and be heard loud and clear. Need more coverage? Mix and match all Stem devices until your room’s completely covered.

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