HMC660E ( SUPERLUX ) Professional Headset with Incorporated Condenser Mic

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HMC660E ( SUPERLUX ) Professional Headset with Incorporated Condenser Mic

The HMC660 series of stereo headsets are designed for the professionals that demand high quality monitoring and communication. Their precision acoustic design, integrating drivers, ear padding, and headband, combined with a professional condenser microphone for a balanced tone with high dynamic range make these headsets perfect for both listening and talking. They are ideal for live broadcasts, DJ's, desktop video conferences, on-line gaming and multimedia applications.  

  • 3-meter(9.8')coil spring cord, screw-on 3.5mm(1/8")
  • stereo headphone plug with a 3.5mm(1/8")to 6.3mm(1/4")
  • adapter and a 3.5mm(1/8")stereo mic plug wired as mono

General Features 

  • Condenser earphones for optimum ambient-noise attenuation 
  • Excellent details and clear midrange and extended highs 
  • Professional headset derived from the HD660 studio headphone 
  • Closed-back headphones for optimum ambient-noise attenuation 
  • Integrated professional condenser microphone PRA30 with supercardioid polar pattern gives high gain before feedback 
  • Reliable and easy-to-fix mesh windscreen to reduce POP noises  



Type:Condenser, Closed-back 

Sensitivity:96 dB SPL(1mW) 

Frequency Response:10-30,000Hz 

Max. Input Power:100mW 

Rated Impedance:150Ω 

Headphone Caliper Pressure:Approx. 6 N  


Type:Back electret condenser 

Polar Pattern:Supercardioid 

Frequency Response:50-15,000 Hz 

Sensitivity:-40 dBV/Pa(10 mV) 

Max. SPL:136 dB SPL(THD ≤ 1% 1 kHz) 

Equivalent Output Noise(A-weighted):24 dB(IEC/DIN 651) 

Rated Impedance:200Ω 

Dynamic Range:112 dB 

Power Requirements:1.5 to 9V DC phantom power 

Current Consumption:3 mA 

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