TB-700/TR-316 (TEV) Clip Microphone and Wireless Receiver Module

รหัสสินค้า : TEV-TB-700/TR-316


6,000.00 บาท

ราคารวม 6,000.00 บาท



TR-316 is a wireless receiver module fitted for PA amplifiers, mixers, active powers, signal processors and other karaoke players. Its innovative wireless features and performance add value to these systems.

Frequency Range UHF Band: 794~806MHz
 Oscillator  PLL Synthesized, Preset 16 selectable channels
 Frequency Bandwidth                                                                          30MHz
 Receiving Mode  Single Channel, NON-Diversity
 Frequency Stability  ± 0.005%
Modulation Mode FM
LED indicatorr  To Indicate the condition of receiving.
AF Response  60Hz~16000Hz
RF Sensitivity  -95dBm for 30dB S/N Radio
DeviationRange  ± 55KHz
Audio Output 10dBv max.
RF Power Output 10dBm
Signal to Noise Ratio >107dB(A)
Overall System T.H.D  < 0.8%
Power Supply  DC12~18V
Receiver Module Dimensions 125 x 72 x 36mm
Receiver Module Weight  90 g
Battery 1.5V (AA) x 2
Microphone Dimensions Ø57mm x 242mm
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