H-9500M (VCM) Control Unit

รหัสสินค้า : VCM-H-9500M


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Based on digital control technologies, this series full digital conference system is flexible and reliable for any mini/medium/large conference. This system main features include microphone management, automatic video tracking, conference audio recording, voting, etc.

This series full digital conference system is also provided with function that to access and control main unit through software, thus the operator can easily manage and control the conference proceedings.

Other peripheral devices like computers, touch panels, projectors and loudspeakers can also be integrated with H-9500 series fully digital conference system

  • FTP CAT6 cables are introduced for data transmission and power supply, supporting message transmission with a fast internet service of 100M. Thus audio signals could be delivered perfectly in long distance.
  • 80 pieces of microphones could be applied simultaneously on single conference system, with H-9500E digital conference extension unit, totally 400 microphones can be connected to the system. This digital conference system has four network interfaces (RJ45), each of them allows the connection of twenty microphones. Four microphones are allowed to be activated at the same time.
  • A sampling frequency of 48KHZ is supported by the system.
  • In order to ensure clear, highly sensitive, and perfect sound quality, high-performance dual-core CPU, 32 bit high-speed digital signal processing, audio feedback inhibition, acoustic echo cancelling, noise reduction and digital equalization are available.
  • TCP (transmission control protocol) and IP (internet protocol) are available, enabling a reliable and safe management.
  • When coupled with phone coupler, teleconference could be realized.
  • Video tracking control unit and high-definition switching matrix are available for high definition auto video tracking.
  • Built-in USB storage, allowing the realizing of recording and monitoring.
  • Audio signal can be output both in balanced and unbalanced.
  • Different interfaces provided, like Ethernet, RS422 and RS232, can meet different devices requirement.
  • Three modes available: REQUEST(1-4), LIMIT (1-4), and FIFO (1-4), support speech timing function.
  • Multiple conference functions can be realized when the digital conference system is connected to computers via cables.
  • Connection: FTP CAT6 Ethernet cable Control interface.
    • 9 PIN, D-type (female), connecting to the central control system (RS232C)

    • RJ45 Ethernet, connecting to PC

    • RS422, connecting to high speed dome camera

Power Supply

AC110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption






Frequency Response




Audio Input Port

RCAx1, Φ6.35x1 , XLRx1

Audio Output Port

RCAx1, XLRx1

Audio Output level

+18dBu balanced

Output Voltage


Control Interface

9 PIN, D-type (female), connecting the central control system main unit (RS232C)

RJ45 Ethernet, connecting to PC

RS422, connecting to high speed dome camera



Connection Cable

FTP Cat6 Ethernet cable

Dimension (mm)


Net Weight (Kg)

7.6 kg.


2U rack, 19 inch frame

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