TS-211 (ITC) Mic Pre Processor

รหัสสินค้า : ITC-TS-211


37,000.00 บาท

ราคารวม 37,000.00 บาท



  • 96k Hz sampling frequency, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter, 32-bit DSP processor.
  • 3 1/ 4″  inputs with automatic audio signal detection, providing groups of five mic input, standard and 5.1 channel output.
  • USB cable provided for connection to PC. Also provided is a remote control (infrared).
  • Directly to use the function keys on front panel or Connecting with PC to operate the device
  • 10 typed of storable user programs are present (with 10 factory-presets downloaded from the factory).
  • Included is a parameter lock function (with password) in order to avoid unwanted ot unauthorized changes to settings.
  • Each output channel comes with 7 bands of individual parametric EQ (including a high-pass and low-pass filter, 4 kinds of slopes and an adjustable gain (-30db to +15db).
  • LCD screen and a 7 band-LED digital level meter (shows status of input, output, mute and edit).
  • Delay ,phase-control and mute adjusting are available for each input and output channel. The delay offer a maximum of 60ms.

Input channel jacks

3 front 1 /4″ phono inputs, 2 pairs of RCA inputs , 1 pair of female XLR, 1 against 3 RCA Video Inputs, 3 groups with 5 channel mic input.

Output channel jacks

Kp23+: 3.1 channel male-output; Kp24: 4 channel male-output: KP25+: 5.1 channel male output.

Input impedance

Balanced: 20KΩ.

Output impedance

Balanced: 100Ω.

PC port

One USB Com Port on front panel.



Input range


Frequency response





<0.01% OUTPUT=0db/1KHz.

Crosstalk of channels


Functions of input channels


Input mute

Each channel has independent mute control.

Input delay

Each channel has independent delay control;range: 0—30ms, step-over @1ms.

Input polarity

Same phase (+/+) or reversed phase (+/-).

Input EQ

Music and mic inputs come with 9 bands of individuals parametric EQ. Central frequency point: 20Hz to 20KHz, Bandwidth:0.01oct to 3oct, Step-over is 0.01oct.

Input gain

Default frequency: EQ140Hz, EQ280Hz, EQ3160Hz, EQ4317Hz, EQ5632Hz, EQ6126Hz, EQ72515Hz, EQ85018Hz, EQ910KHz.Also, High-cut and Low Cut Filter is added


Both music and mic have independent gain control from 0% -100%.


Both music and mic have independent limiter control, -30db to +20dB, stepover,0.1db.


Mic comes with 4-levels anti-feedback functions.

Functions of output channels


Output mute

Each channel has independent mute control.

Output gain

Each channel has independent gain control. Adjustable range 0%-100%, step-over 1% 0.5dB.

Output delay

Each channel has independent delay control,range: 0—1000ms,step-over 21us@<10ms; step-over 84us@10-20ms; step-over:0.5ms@>20ms.

Output polarity

Same phase (+/+) or reversed phase (+/-).


Each channel can set up LPF and HPF independently, with adjustable parameters: Filter types: Linkwitz-Riley/Besse/Butterworth.Frequency turning point: 20Hz-20KHz,


239 total frequency points, decay of slope: 12db/oct, 18db/oct, 24db/oct, 48dB/oct


Each channel can set up limiters independently (all with adjustable parameters): Threshold value: -20db to +20db. Step-over: 0.5dBu@starting time: 0.3ms-100ms,


step-over<1ms @0.1ms, Step-over>1ms@1ms.

Output EQ

Each output channel can be set up with 7 bands of individual EQ. PEQ and GEQ modes are both present . Under PEQ, the adjustable parameters are :LO-EQ1 (bass


boost or low cut), H1-EQ15 (high boost or high damp) are the frequency points, all adjustable. Slope options are 12dB/oct, 24dB/oct, 36dB/oct and 48Db/oct. Others


option are: 13-bands of parametric EQ. There are total of 239 frequency points. Bandwidth: 0.01oct-3oct, step-over is 0.05oct. Gain: -40db to +20db, step-ver is


0.1dB. When set as GEQ, the functions are the same as when set as PEQ.

Effects processor

1M of Memory, includes 3 bands of parametric EQ.


96KHz sampling frequency, 32-bit floating-point DSP.


Resolution of 144×32 character LCD and 6-segment LED display for accurate digital input and output level meter, mute and edit status



Power supply

AC110V/220V 50/60Hz.

Product dimension(W×D×H)


Shipping dimension(W×D×H)

1 piece: 562x294x98mm/0.0162m3 6 pieces: 576X308X612mm/0.1123m3

Gross weight

1 piece: 4.7Kg 1 piece: 4.7Kg

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