VX-1000PF-AS (TOA) Peering Frame

รหัสสินค้า : TOA-VX-1000PF


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VX-1000PF-AS (TOA) Peering Frame

VX-1000PF Peering Frame is with the standard 4U rack design in order to supply power to the digital power amplifier module installed in the chassis.

  • Power can be supplied to VX-1000DA series digital power amplifier module.
  • With active and standby power switching.
  • LED light displays the power amplifier operation status.
  • 4 power amplifier modules and 1 spare power amplifier modules can be installed.

Power Source

AC 220V/50Hz

Output Power

Amplifier output 4 channels, auxiliary amplifier output 1 channel

Amplifier Interface

Amplifier interface 4 channels, auxiliary amplifier interface 1 channel

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