VX-1500DA-AS (TOA) Digital Power Amplifier Module 500W

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VX-1500DA-AS (TOA) Digital Power Amplifier Module 500W

The VX-1500DA-EA is a digital power amplifier used for VX-1000 system. It is a module type with 1 channel of class-D digital power amplifier, which contribute to energy-saving and light weight design. The VX-1500DA-EA also features standby mode to be set for reducing standby power consumption. It requires a matrix controller VX-1000MC-EA and peering frame VX-1000PF-EA.

  • Class D power amplifier modular
  • Mounts in the frame units
  • 3 different power outputs: 125W, 250W or 500W
  • Dust filter, easy to clean

Power Supply

AC 220V/50Hz

Current Consumption

28.2W (standby mode)

505W (rated output mode)

Amplification System

Class D

Output Power


Frequency Response

20Hz-20kHz ±3dB

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